Top Tips for Using a Hotel Directory


As you plan your next trip, you may decide to use a hotel directory to locate the best spot to stay. A hotel directory will allow you to easily compare a selection of different hotels near the area you are visiting, but there are certain things to look out for that could make the difference between an okay stay and a great vacation. Are are some tips for using a hotel directory to find the right hotel for you.

Choose a Good Location

The location of the hotel is obviously going to be a factor. You also need to consider whether this is a family trip or a business trip. For a business trip, you may want to select a hotel close to your intended destination. For a family vacation, consider a hotel that is close to nearby features and sights. Along with the location, you should consider the parking situation. Find out if whether they charge for parking and how secure the area is.

Amenities and Room Service

e181ef00efbc49e6cfb4e5a9168223d4When searching for a hotel, find out what amenities and room services they offer. Also learn what extra fees they charge for various amenities, such as wi-fi or access to the internet. As you research amenities and services, think about the types of activities you or your family would enjoy. The hotel you stay at may have a pool, a bar, restaurants, as well as fun activities. Read what onsite facilities they have. This includes the number of pools they have as well as the types of restaurants or dining they have within the hotel.

Other things to look for is complimentary breakfast. This is a great feature and is included in most hotels. When travelling with a large family, each meal can add up to a considerable amount of money. Cutting your food budget by a third, a complimentary breakfast is a great start to the day.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Not all hotels permit pets, so make sure you check this when researching hotels. Also, if they do allow pets, find out what additional fees will get charged. Some hotels may include a cleaning fee if you bring a pet. When booking your hotel, ask about pet services, such as daily boarding, if you need to leave your pet at the hotel during the day.

Read Reviews

After finding several hotels to consider, your should always read reviews. Read any reviews that are included in the hotel directory where you performed your search and then use a search engine to gather additional reviews. Keep in mind that not all reviews are 100 percent honest. Look at the overall scores before reading several reviews.

Compare Pricing


Pricing can be deceiving, because the information provided online may not be completely up to date. Use the pricing that you find online as a guideline when comparing hotels. Once you contact the hotel to set up a reservation, you can determine the actual price and find out if they are offering any discounts or sales. In fact, you are having trouble deciding between a couple hotels, contact both and inquire about prices for the dates you need to book.

When you have made your final decision, plan on reserving your room as early as possible. Try and contact the hotel several months in advance. The more popular your destination, the earlier you should book your room. For example, if you are visiting a big city, such as Las Vegas, you may want to start your search up to a year in advance, depending on the time of year you are considering going. You should also be aware the pricing may change during holidays or busy tourist seasons. When possible, try to plan around these dates.